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Investment Advice

At JSM Financial Group we take a collaborative approach and work with you to develop, implement and monitor investment strategies designed to meet your individual needs and goals. As your circumstances and goals change over time we will continue to provide investment advice to achieve what’s important to you.  We provide bespoke, active management of your tailored investments, including access to new investment opportunities, as well as regular portfolio reviews, market commentary with informed insights.

self-managed super fund

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) can provide a great deal of flexibility but along with that flexibility comes a great deal of regulation. Managing your own superannuation fund can therefore be a complex and time-consuming task.  The team at JSM Financial Group has developed considerable expertise in this highly complex area. Our Managing Director, Jamie Mansfield is a SMSF Specialist Advisor (as accredited by the Self-Managed Super Fund Association) with more than 25 years experience setting up and managing SMSFs.

retirement planning

One of the biggest issues people on the cusp of retirement face is the realisation that they have not adequately planned for it. Whether your retirement is imminent or far into the future we will formulate strategies to help achieve your goals.  JSM Financial Group’s specialist retirement planning advisors can show you how to minimise tax, how to make the most of superannuation contribution strategies and how to ensure that your investments generate a stable and safe long term income.

Insurance Advice

Insurance is a very important part of any financial plan. It helps eliminate a lot of the uncertainties in life which may affect you achieving your goals. While wealth creation is our focus when assisting our clients achieve their goals, insurance does form an important role.

There are different forms of insurance to help protect against different circumstances, two common scenarios are:

  • Insuring your current level of debt on your family home to protect your family from having to deal with the debt in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.
  • Insuring your income in the event that you were to have an accident and were not able to provide an income to provide for your family or for yourself.


There are many different types of entity structures to consider. Common entity types include sole-traders, partnerships, discretionary trusts, unit trusts, companies and self-managed super funds.

The type of entity has an effect on variables such as tax levels, reporting requirements and associated fees.

Managing the right structure can ensure that:

  • You have the most cost effective structure
  • Your assets are protected
  • You are complying with legal requirements
  • You are protected from personal liability


We can refer you to an accredited mortgage broker who work with a large panel of Australia’s lenders to help provide you with the best rates and options which you require which will help you be able to manage your loan as best as possible as well as at the lowest cost.

The added benefit we provide which has assists a lot of our clients is the ability to provide them with some basic strategies which will enable them to pay off their loan as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Removing Complexity       Delivering Certainty

needs analysis

We learn everything about you.  What’s important to you. Where you are in life, and where you want to be at every stage. 

research & strategy

Analyse risk tolerance, asset allocation, financial products and market conditions, taxation and legislative considerations.

advice delivery

You are provided with an easy to understand, personalised, tailor made roadmap to achieve your financial goals.


We continue to actively manage your bespoke portfolio and make appropriate changes as markets or your circumstances change.

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